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I actually got around to making some stuff and posting it. O.o
These icons are horrible, but they are still something. I've been messign around with coloring a lot, so there is someting new to look at.
1-8 The Dark Knight
9-15 Iron Man
16-29 Mosh
30-41 The Devil Wears Prada
+a Blessthefall Wallpaper!
+1 Blessthefall Banner!
+4 light textures!WOOO!
 mosh005.png image by yourheartisbruisedxdevil006.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtdk004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

The Dark Knight:
tdk001.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtdk002.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtdk003.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtdk004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
tdk005.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtdk006.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtdk007.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtdk008.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

Iron Man:
im001.png image by yourheartisbruisedxim002.png image by yourheartisbruisedxim003.png image by yourheartisbruisedxim004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
im005.png image by yourheartisbruisedxim006.png image by yourheartisbruisedxim007.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

mosh001.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh002.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh003.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
mosh005.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh006.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh007.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh008.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
mosh009.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh010.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh011.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh012.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
mosh013.png image by yourheartisbruisedxmosh014.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

The Devil Wears Prada:
devil001.png image by yourheartisbruisedxdevil002.png image by yourheartisbruisedxdevil003.png image by yourheartisbruisedxdevil004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
devil005.png image by yourheartisbruisedxdevil006.png image by yourheartisbruisedxdevil007.png image by yourheartisbruisedxdevil008.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
devil009.png image by yourheartisbruisedxdevil010.png image by yourheartisbruisedxdevil011.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

The Devil Wears Prada And Mosh Bases: bleedintorain at cryingbloodx.

Blessthefall Wallpaper: woo jared!

636.png picture by yourheartisbruisedx

I have an obsession with that picture I swear.

5423.png picture by yourheartisbruisedx
Credit if your using them.
Comment if your taking.
Don't take credit for them.

Tags: banners: blessthefall, icons: iron man, icons: mosh, icons: the dark knight, icons:the devil wears prada, textures: light, wallpaper:blessthefall
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