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After a few weeks of working on these, I finally got them done. woooo hooo!
1-5 Twilight
6-14 Slipknot
15-23 Rupert Grint
24-31 Bring Me the Horizon
32-27 Billie Joe Armstrong
+2 Aaron Gillespie (underoath/ the almost) banners
+3 Blessthefall banners
twilight004.png image by yourheartisbruisedxBMTH008.png image by yourheartisbruisedxbj001.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

twilight001.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtwilight002.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtwilight003.png image by yourheartisbruisedxtwilight004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
twilight005.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

sk001.png image by yourheartisbruisedxsk002.png image by yourheartisbruisedxsk003.png image by yourheartisbruisedxsk004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
sk005.png image by yourheartisbruisedxsk006.png image by yourheartisbruisedxsk007.png image by yourheartisbruisedxsk008.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
sk009.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

Rupert Grint:
rg001.png image by yourheartisbruisedxrg002.png image by yourheartisbruisedxrg003.png image by yourheartisbruisedxrg004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
rg005.png image by yourheartisbruisedxrg006.png image by yourheartisbruisedxrg007.png image by yourheartisbruisedxrg008.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
rg009.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

Bring Me the Horizon:
BMTH001.png image by yourheartisbruisedxBMTH002.png image by yourheartisbruisedxBMTH003.png image by yourheartisbruisedxBMTH004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
BMTH005.png image by yourheartisbruisedxBMTH006.png image by yourheartisbruisedxBMTH007.png image by yourheartisbruisedxBMTH008.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

Billie Joe Armstrong:
bj001.png image by yourheartisbruisedxbj002.png image by yourheartisbruisedxbj003.png image by yourheartisbruisedxbj004.png image by yourheartisbruisedx
bj005.png image by yourheartisbruisedxbj006.png image by yourheartisbruisedxbj007.png image by yourheartisbruisedx

Aaron Gillespie:
aaron001.png picture by yourheartisbruisedx

aaron002.png picture by yourheartisbruisedx

btfizzle001.png picture by yourheartisbruisedx

btfizzle002.png picture by yourheartisbruisedx

btfizzle003.png picture by yourheartisbruisedx
Tags: banners: blessthefall, banners: underoath, icons: bring me the horizon, icons: rupert grint, icons:green day, icons:twilight
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oh I absolutely LOVE your Aaron Gillespie banner!
I will use it for sure.
BTFizzle are amazing too haha :D
hehe thank you! :)
i really like how you used the textures! :D
Thank you:)

Deleted comment

of course I made them for you!


Deleted comment

you should be hella happy, I only had enough time to make about 8 more icons, so it was either Armstrong or btfizzle......

I went with armstrong JUST because I knew how happy you would be.

I'm nice.

Deleted comment

*twirls* that makes me happy
these are pretty damn amazing, like always! :D
great job.
might snag a few rupert. ;)
hehe, you're too nice:)
Slipknot, Oliver, Aaron and Billie in the same batch. I CAME <3
ahahhaa, I'm glad you like them!<3
I SO didn't drool over the Rupes icons.
So didn't... *shifty eyes*

I love them all.
Rupes the most, clearly, but still love them all.
Oh, and you of course.
I think you did drool over the Rupes icons.
*gets out towel* I'm sorry, I didn't mean to wet them this much :/
oh it's okay, I'm that way with Mr. Lambert.